About Us


“Stronger together and coordinated for a resilient and better community”


“CVA is a co-ordinated platform of various non-profit Voluntary Agencies, by bringing all under one umbrella irrespective of caste, religion, community and area and field of activity, providing opportunities to network, connect and exchange activities and services focused on an enabling environment for efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian and development outcomes”

Strategic Areas of Focus

The Consortium seeks to achieve change in three broad areas:

  • Create an enabling environment for improved humanitarian, resilience and development outcomes through multi-stakeholder and multi-level engagement.
  • Enhance collective accountability and transparency and professionalism through the application of international and national good practices and standards
  • Facilitate the promotion through initiatives that enhance voice and capacity of member NGOs


  • Humanitarian Principles and Do No Harm: The Consortium is guided by the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. The Consortium is committed to ethical and responsible actions and activities in the service of communities and people.
  • Enabling Environment: The Consortium believes in an enabling environment as common ground for its members to operate.
  • Identity and Collective Action: The Consortium will build and nurture the identity and power of collective action of its members to achieve common goals. In all its actions the Consortium strives to develop its members’ capacity and confidence to increase the strength of their staff.
  • Mutually coordinated informed delivery of services: This will help to avoid duplication of services to the needy and also to coordinate and refer applicants in a specific organization to organizations supporting specific causes.
  • Improvement and Quality Services: The Consortium is committed to continued improvement and delivery of high quality services to its members.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Through its policies, structures and procedures, and in all out actions, the Consortium ensures that it is transparent and accountable and answers to its members and their stakeholders.


  • Respect the mandate, values, rights and dignity of each member organization.
  • The individual organizations will go ahead with their own activities and will collaborate with CVA on areas of common interest for the welfare of the public.
  • Provide scope for mutual learning for organizations
  • To share useful information and timely feedback for accurate decision making
  • Raising awareness about the importance of the consortium for effective management of social service projects of community based organizations across India
  • Make collaborations among social service organizations across India to promote and achieve common goals according to the priority of the state and communities.
  • To frame policies, projects and priorities for the creative implementation and functioning of social service organizations and projects.
  • To promote strategies for effective utilization of human and financial resources in the social service sector.