Membership to CVA

How to Apply

Organizations through its authorized representative involved in charitable activities who wish to contribute to the objectives of The Consortium may apply for membership provided that the executive council is convinced of his/her merit and ability to contribute to the objectives of CVA. The Executive Council shall have the power to accept or reject the application. Those who are willing to enrol as members shall provide an Expression of Interest (EOI). Admitted organizations will need to pay the subscription fees as fixed by CVA from time to time.

  • Basic Norms - Societies/ Trusts or other charitable undertakings intending to become a member of the society must have a basic valid legal existence (must be registered under the applicable act) and active status, working in a particular area.
  • Voluntary Organization can be certified under the above stated Basic Norms by providing the information, certified documents and references to the authorized persons.
  • The primary aim of Basic Norms is to promote initiatives on affiliation and accountability for building trust and confidence in the Voluntary Sector.
  • Desired Norms -
    • The voluntary organization shall be in operation for a minimum of two years from the date of registration.
    • It must have a physical registered address which is verifiable
    • Those organizations that do not have valid registrations should have a group of volunteers with them with a track record of various commendable public initiative activities.
    • Shall have definite Vision, Aims, Objectives and Achievements,
    • Shall Practice good Governance, Accountability and Transparency,
    • Shall conduct its programs and operations efficiently and effectively in the public interest
    • Shall intimate timely the change of office bearers.
    • Have valid Income Tax related certificates like 12A, 80G, FCRA


  • Voluntary organizations that satisfy the conditions as specified in the Regulations shall express their desire to join The Consortium.
  • If the Accreditation body scrutinizes and forwards the application to the Executive council and is satisfied that the organization has the necessary qualifications to be admitted, an ordinary resolution shall be passed to ratify the same.
  • The membership will be for a period of one year.
  • The name of the voluntary organization shall be then entered into the register and also to the concerned sectoral committees and subcommittees.


  • The membership to CVA is to be renewed yearly.
  • The voluntary organization(s) desiring to renew their membership with The Consortium shall intimate the same to the executive council 15 days prior to the completion of one year as a member in The Consortium.
  • The voluntary organization(s) shall submit the necessary documents and information supporting their fulfilment of the conditions specified in The Regulations.
  • They should satisfy at least six of the eight Desired Norms mentioned above.
  • A board meeting shall be convened for the purpose and resolution passed to bring the renewal into effect.