Accreditation & NGO Networking

  • To create a collaborative relationship between various NGOs across the country to provide quality resources to various Government or non-Government initiatives during emergencies.
  • To promote unified response and encourage team work thereby bringing unity in NGO sector
  • Provide accreditation to voluntary agencies and organisations
  • To create state wise & district wise CVA network connecting them under one platform
  • To list the NGOs who are working in that particular state along with services provided
  • To aid NGOs for working actively & in coordination with NGOs working in the similar sectors
  • Identifying new NGOs & joining them in CVA
  • To uplift the sick NGOs by supporting them by all means
  • To complement and award NGOs, Community based organizations and social workers for their excellent performance.
  • Designing certification programs for top performing NGOs and declaring rewards & recognition
  • To hold seminars, arrange lectures, conferences of other meetings for the dissemination and advancement of knowledge and culture.