About Us


The concept of CVA took birth in 2018 during the floods that affected Kerala.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)/Community Based Organizations (CBOs)/ Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/ charity organizations/Voluntary Agencies work in various sectors such as food supply, health, education, employment, housing and disaster management to name a few, for the betterment of the society

However, the need to create a common platform for the NGOs barring caste, religion and party politics arose out of the idea of resolving the unforeseen challenges faced by the voluntary service sector over the last few years.

It is in this context that the Consortium of Voluntary Agencies, or CVA, was formed in 2018 with the participation of representatives of different Voluntary Organizations. It is gratifying that a few giants of the voluntary service sector in Kerala have already joined hands.

This unification brought much relief to the post-flood service activities to avoid duplications and wastage of our resources.